Trump’s Campaign Chairman Exposes Who Caused The Melania Plagiarism Scandal (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’ca campaign spokesperson, Paul Manafort, came out with a huge announcement. He knew who was responsible for the Melania Trump plagiarism scandal. Was it a staffer? No. Was it possibly an outside consultant? Nope. Was it maybe Donald or Melania themselves? Not a chance. The real culprit and the one responsible for forcing Melania to read a stolen speech was … Hillary Clinton.

No this isn’t a joke. He really said that.

You see, the issue isn’t that the Trump campaign stole Michelle Obama’s speech. According to Manafort, the REAL problem is that Hillary Clinton is threatened by a woman, and this is what Hillary does to demean her and “take her down.”

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There’s no better statement on the willfully ignorant, purposely stubborn and impossibly stupid nature of Republicans — and the Trump campaign in particular — than their blaming of Hillary Clinton for this scandal.

The real sin here, according to the Trump campaign, isn’t the plagiarism of a speech. The problem here is that liberals are talking about it. Honestly, what do you really say to that?

If a Democrat stole portions of a Republican speech, Republicans would be burning down entire cities in a witless rage over the issue. When a Republican does it, if you criticize them it means you hate women, freedom, puppies and America.

Manafort completely denied that Michelle Obama’s speech was used in any way, which Chris Cuomo of CNN had a look of disbelief in hearing. Chris pushed the issue further and asked why they didn’t just say they borrowed some of Michelle’s words and move on to avoid the scandal.

Manafort’s response was that Melania “used words that are common words,” and she “feels” that she didn’t plagiarize it. She feels that she didn’t plagiarize? No, you don’t feel a fact. You either do or you don’t. It’s like that time Ronald Reagan said there was proof that he illegally sold weapons to Iran, but “in his heart, he felt that he didn’t.”

At some point during 2016, we seem to have left reality and entered a Republican universe. I want to go back home.

Watch the only thing worse than a plagiarized speech, below:

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