Trump’s CNN Rage Continues With A Thursday Morning Tweet Any Teenage Bully Would Be Proud Of

If there is anything Lord Cheeto likes, it’s when he can be on the attack. He loves revenge. He loves beating dead horses. And, he loves to trump up controversy where there isn’t any, so when there is, well, he basks in the glory!

So, naturally when CNN reported on the intelligence from Russia, information that has really pissed (pardon the pun) off the Trump team, it didn’t take long for Trump to attack, and continue to attack, the news channel for which he loathed throughout his presidential campaign.

In a tweet this morning he writes:

This actually couldn’t have happened at a better time for the Trump team. When you have an incoming leader who wishes to discredit the press, while there is still buzz surrounding fake news, and the circulation of news stories which are so outlandish you think they really must be fake (even though there is a chance they aren’t) – you have the perfect scenario to further erode the people’s confidence of the press. If people believe main news sources like CNN and New York Times are fake, but Fox News and Trump’s twitter account are true, then one of the very important checks in our checks and balances scenario is no longer effective.

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That is why Trump will continue to spout off about our press. He needs his masses, his minions, to believe that the press isn’t credible. And, the millions of people who were duped into voting for him will eat it up.

This is only the beginning. Just watch.

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