Trump’s Daughter Creates Debate Night’s Most Awkward Moment By Refusing A Kiss From Dad (VIDEO)

Viewers of Sunday night’s 2nd presidential debate noticed that Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, wasn’t sitting with the rest of the Trump family in their front row box. Tiffany, the daughter of Marla Maples and half-sibling to Trump’s three eldest children, has been largely absent during this election season, choosing to stay, for the most part, out of the limelight.

After the debate, as the candidates and families were moving towards the spin room, Tiffany met up with her father and a rather awkward moment ensued. Trump appears to lean in for one of his infamous father-daughter smooches but Tiffany pulls away, opting instead to give him the shoulder pat and arm rub:

The moment could have been a miscommunication in body language, of course, or it could have been…much more. Was Tiffany upset that she wasn’t allowed to sit front and center with the older Trump children? Is she perhaps a bit perturbed at her father for his comments about grabbing her private parts?

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Maybe she’s just not interested in getting close enough for someone to snap an unflattering picture of her father looking like he’s interested in dating her like the images older sis Ivanka seems destined to be remembered for. No matter what the reason, another awkward moment between Trump and any woman is an unwelcome occurrence to his flailing campaign.

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