Trump’s Delusional Sunday Afternoon Twitter Pipe Dream Will Make You Want To Kick His Teeth In

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday with a message that the country has been divided too long.

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A valid sentiment, perhaps, but not when coming from the man who has been most responsible for much of the recent division, anger, and mistrust. And Twitter was quick to call him on it.

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The president who would be God-Emperor didn’t offer any follow-up tweets explaining how he will work to affect the change. IT WILL CHANGE, DAMMIT!! BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!!!!! is the sum-total of the plan to date.

Apparently Trump’s plan to bring the country together is along the same lines as his plan to get his supporters to stop committing hate crimes. Remember that? “Stop it,” was the command “Daddy” issued in that case. And then he moved on, back to his favorite subject — himself. So what should we look forward to now in the wake of this pronouncement? Is Trump going to ask everyone to link arms and sing “Kum-Bah-Ya” at the inauguration?

I keep coming back to what former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan said about Trump a few weeks ago. His advice was: don’t listen to Trump’s words (or tweets), watch what he does. Trump can talk all day about bringing America together. But until his actions stop trying to divide us by religion, ethnicity, region, etc. we have to look at things like this tweet and call them exactly what they are — bullshit.

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