Trumps Desperation To Make Wikileaks Relevant Causes His Dumbest Tweet Yet By Far

Donald Trump, together with the entire propaganda arm of the Republican party, has been trying desperately to make Julian Assange’s latest Wikileaks dump an issue for Hillary Clinton. The problem is, with very little that could actually be considered controversial and no way to know if the documents are even authentic, the American electorate is more than happy to keep their focus on Donald Trump being a sexual predator.

That’s not going over well with Lord Cheeto, who continues to push the narrative that Wikileaks is the biggest thing since…Benghazi. Without any cooperation from credible media outlets and nothing but speculation and a risotto recipe, Trump couldn’t have been feeling good about himself on Sunday. After Saturday Night Live humiliated him, causing a little tantrum and a wave of blogger mockery, Trump was obviously desperate to come up with something to Tweet that would take the pain of his failures away. He found it, and boy does he look stupid:

That’s right. Thanks, Obama. It’s all his fault that Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail and is instead kicking Trump around like an orange soccer ball. If you didn’t read the article he linked, because National Review is a propaganda rag with as much credibility as The National Enquirer, it’s all Obama’s fault because John Podesta asked in an email if they needed to turn over correspondence with POTUS or if it was covered under executive privilege.

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No, that’s not scandalous and it’s not trying to hide anything, it’s asking a simple policy question about the protocol of a specific type of email. To the right-winger, that translates to Hillary Clinton sending President Obama confirmation that she personally poisoned Vince Foster, sent terrorists to Benghazi to kill Americans and deleted 33,000 emails between her and Osama Bin Laden. By falling for the hype and tweeting such a preposterous article, Trump has shown that he’s nothing more than an Alex Jones groupie with a media scat fetish.

Looking for a good time? Click on the Twitter link and go check out the comments. Support for Trump has turned into an all out slamfest of his Orangeness and everything he stands for. It truly is just glorious.

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