Trump Just Turned Unimaginable Tragedy Into Political Fodder With His Worst Tweet Yet

Donald Trump has decided that no matter what happens in our world, it’s a reason to vote for him. The sky is blue. I’ll make the best blue skies. All the blue skies want Trump because Trump’s blue skies are the greatest. Sound ridiculous? If so, you haven’t been paying attention.

Trump took that theory a step too far Saturday morning when he took advantage of a tragedy out of Chicago involving the cousin of Bulls legend Dwayne Wayde. Wayde’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was shot and killed in Chicago on Friday, leaving her four children motherless. She was walking down the street with a man when shots rang out, aimed at her friend, and she was struck in the head and arm. Wayde tweeted:

Donald Trump decided he needed to step in, because in his delusional world, this isn’t a case of senseless gun violence, this is just another example of how the black community needs him to come save the day by adopting the Giuliani approach to crime: Lock as many people up as young as possible and clear the streets. He thinks for some reason that will win him the trust and votes of the African-American voting block, which polls show couldn’t be further from the truth.

Maybe that’s because he’s a narcissistic jackwagon who can turn anything, even something like this, into an issue that is all about him:

Just…what? A woman was murdered. Her kids have no Mom. Her cousin is calling for an end to gun violence. How does that in any way translate to votes for a gun-loving racist who thinks more police and prisons and fewer teachers and schools is the answer to the issues of inner-city America?

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This man has no shame. He’s an embarrassment to himself, his party and our country.

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