Trump’s Failure In Mexico Sends Him Into A Hate Rage For The Ages (TWEETS)

His failure to secure a $2 trillion check from Mexican President Nieto — the estimated cost of actually building an effective border wall —  has turned into quite the embarrassment for our least favorite Oompa Loompa. Lord Cheeto figured he’d cruise on down to Mexico, bully a foreign leader with his “greatness” and return with happy news about the wall Mexico would be paying for.

The result of Trump’s trip wasn’t a pledge to help pay for a wall. It wasn’t some agreement that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers. It was nothing but a waste of time that sent Trump into speech B on immigration; the one where he shows his aging muscles and doubles –no…triples — down on his ridiculous immigration stance.

Between his own tweets and those of his official campaign, it’s clear exactly what happened to the 5th Avenue megalomaniac: He was laughed out of Mexico. Here are some of the rage tweets that happened when he returned:

Fox News jumped on the Trump bandwagon, tweeting out some of the more ridiculous portions of his “I hate Mexicans” speech themselves:

How about a few shots at Hillary Clinton, since, you know, sane people deserve that kind of thing:

Watching Trump devolve from someone who seemed willing to soften on immigration so he could win the votes of people who don’t hate based on skin color back to the Trumplestiltskin of the Republican primary season was nothing short of predictable. Trump can pander to his base of fools all day long if he wants but in the end, he can only pander there.

No, Donald. Minorities aren’t flocking to you. No, Donald. The support of white supremacists isn’t something we should all shrug off because yo have no control over them. Your idiotic voice and 4th-grade vocabulary are all the control that is needed to turn the ignorant into little Trumpbots prepared to put on their brown shirts and do your bidding.

Thanks, though, for going to Mexico. It was quite entertaining to watch you fail. Again.

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