Trump’s Friday Morning Mike Flynn Tweet Makes Me Seriously Want To Kick Him In The Teeth

Send in the Secret Service to jackboot down my door; I hate Donald Trump. I despise everything about him; he makes me angry. At first, I tried to harness that anger to write in-depth pieces about how Trump will ruin America and thoughtful op-eds about the growing need for unity in our country.

Yeah, f*ck that. Donald Trump is a stooge and his supporters are hopeless. There won’t be unity. There won’t be some populist movement to see to it that our government is restructured without the corruption. There will be stupidity in such abundance that people will have no choice BUT to get angry, let it be known and fight back.

This morning’s bout with derp came in the form of a Trump Tweet about Mike Flynn that nearly made my eyes bleed:

Bothering to address the “historic” loss by 77K votes in a dozen counties in the midwest and the election of a fraud by a minority of Americans is becoming…tedious. By now, we’re all aware that Donald Trump is a delusional narcissist hell bent on building the narrative the voices in his head have convinced him is true. What’s really infuriating about this idiocy is the premise that Mike Flynn needs immunity from a “witch hunt” that Trump doesn’t believe will ever affect him.

Pay attention, you freak of a giant Oompa Loompa with tiny hands. If your guy, who was a surrogate for your campaign, who was removed or resigned for lying to congress is getting a deal for immunity to testify, that testimony has NOTHING to do with Hillary Clinton, election losses, the fake news or any of the other ridiculous talking points you keep repeating to the imbeciles who still give a sh*t what you have to say.

He’s going to throw you under the bus to save his own ass. The only reason he would do such a thing is if he were convinced that there is, in fact, a good chance that the laws he broke for you will land him in jail. So you can stop pretending that what’s going on has something to do with a campaign that ended almost six months ago or that people are buying the pile of dung you’re selling.

You’re a crook and a liar. Watching your impeachment hearings will warm the souls of decent people across the globe.


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