Senator Calls On Homeland Security To Investigate Trump For Human Trafficking (DETAILS)

You can be pretty sure these days, that whenever Republicans are strongly against something, it’s because they’re self-hating over their own participation in whatever their personal hot button issue happens to be. Take your average anti-LGBT bigot, who is then caught having a “boys’ night out,” if you will. It’s always the same old sad song with these losers.

Trump is no exception to that rule. He acts like he hates immigrants. He might argue he only hates them when they’re here illegally, but his supporters know in their hearts he just doesn’t like them — or so they think.

Strangely enough, he doesn’t seem to care about their legal status when he’s making a buck off of exploiting them. Trump’s Models Management company hired a huge amount of undocumented foreign employees in the early portions of the 2000’s for his fashion modeling business. Mother Jones detailed in an investigative report that Trump’s company was heavily implicated for violating immigration laws and for mistreatment and exploitation of their imported labor force.

The investigation has proved so damning that California Senator Barbara Boxer has formally requested the Department of Homeland Security opens an investigation into how Trump was able to, so easily, smuggle women in from other nations to be exploited for his profits. There’s a term for this. It’s called Human Trafficking.

An image of the letter sent by Sen. Boxer:


So much for Trump’s purity when it comes to one more thing he is supposedly against. Let’s face it, the guy’s just outright lying. His own wife wouldn’t even have been able to come to this country if his current anti-immigrant stances were adopted into law. His only concern when it comes to immigrants is how to exploit them to fill his personal wallet.

This isn’t even the first time he was caught doing this stuff. He was busted previously for using undocumented workers, who were denied minimum wage and overtime, to clear the site for Trump Tower to be built.

There’s really nothing this guy has not been caught doing wrong. He’s either breaking the same laws he complains are not enforced hard enough, or is such a dufus that every business he touches crumbles to garbage. The mind-blowing part is that immigrants and business success are his two biggest punching bags for his campaign, yet his voters just keep supporting him like they took one too many puffs on the huge crackpipe that the Republican party passes around every 4 years. Lets hope these next 2 months go quickly.

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