Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Tweet Is Part 1000 Of A Week Long Presidential Fail

Trump made an obligatory statement regarding International Holocaust Remembrance Day which he shared on Twitter (because, of course he did).

In the statement, the most divisive, intolerant, authoritarian, fascist President of the United States in modern history said he pledges “to do everything in my power through my presidency, and my life, to ensure that forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

Can someone tell Trump that he is quickly becoming the force of evil in the world?

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Oh, no worries, the twitterverse has it covered. People quickly reminded him that he not only is supported by neo-Nazis, but also has white nationalists in his administration.

Some noticed there were clearly some things missing like the mention of his haters and losers – indicative that this was obviously not a statement written by Trump.

And then, Sean Spicer’s “Alternative Punctuation” was pointed out.

The statement also completely neglected to mention the victims of the Holocaust by name, you know, Jewish people.

This guy sums the whole thing up perfectly.

Awkward, indeed.

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