At It Again: Trump Sets Himself Up For More Humiliation With 3AM ‘I Win!’ Tweets

Donald Trump learned nothing from the aftermath of the first debate when he decided it would be a good idea to start tweeting out the results of biased and fixed online polls that said he crushed Hillary Clinton. When the actual numbers came out, he was the clear loser by double digits. After the final debate Wednesday night, Trump decided to follow suit on that humiliation, this time posting the most ludicrous polls he could find from the least credible of sources:

With the exception of CSPAN and, both of which state clearly that their polls are unscientific and informal, That’s a list of right-wing propaganda rags and Fox News affiliate stations, some embedded in areas so conservative the GOP could run the ghost of Asama Bin Laden and he’d beat Hillary Clinton. Yes, Donald…you sure did win. The poll from Louisiana that has you beating Secretary Clinton by 86 points is especially convincing.

He must have thought this one looked especially credible:

Yeah…it’s not. Just because the have “Washington” in their name and use a newspaperish calligraphy doesn’t make The Washington Times any less of a propaganda mill for the GOP. They’ve been on team Trump for the duration.

It was discovered shortly after that first debate that Trump trolls from Reddit and 4Chan were out in force rigging those online polls to make sure their hero looked like he actually showed up. By employing those same methods of using incognito windows and a VPN, I was able to cast 22 votes for Hillary Clinton on both and CSPAN. I could have voted more, but I figured I had already wasted 6 minutes of my life helping to prove that Donald Trump is an idiot and that was more than enough. To be clear, I am not 22 people.

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Trump is in desperation mode. While last night’s debate wasn’t his worst of the three, he in no way won. The one moment people will remember more than any other was when he refused to say if he would accept the outcome of the election and Secretary Clinton skewered him for it. It doesn’t matter how many times you say “wrong” into a microphone or how often you use the term “33,000 emails” when you say something as ridiculous as Trump’s claim that there are “millions” of voters on the rolls just waiting to cheat him out of an office he has no business visiting, never mind occupying.

It should be fun to watch when the scientific polls come out and Trump looks like a fool…again.

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