Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Was So Tiny He Stole A Photo Of Obama’s For His Twitter Account

Donald Trump was bragging that a record number of people would attend his inauguration, but he failed to account for the fact that everyone hates him. If you need to see how much people hate him, you only need to look at this screen capture from CNN, taken moments before the President was sworn in:

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Now compare to President Obama in 2009:

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Or Bush in 2001:

Or Clinton in 1993:

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Trump’s crowd was so small that when he took over the official POTUS Twitter account, he changed his header image not to a photo of his own inauguration, but to one of Obama’s:


The picture is available on Getty Images for $575, or $475 if you purchase an UltraPack. Or you could just buy it with your dignity when you need to hide the actual size of your crowd from the idiots who support you.

After people began to notice that Trump’s first action on the official POTUS account was a lie, he changed it to a simple American flag.

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