Trump’s Internet Mom Is Losing It Over DeVos’ Confirmation

Bess Kalb is one of Twitter’s fiercest internet trolls who on a daily basis manages to humiliate Donald Trump with tweets that are dripping with sickeningly sweet motherly condescension. You can almost always find her in any Trump Twitter thread treating the Cheeto-in-Chief like the toddler he is.

For example:

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But today is a dark day for school kids, teachers and parents as Betsy DeVos became the new U.S. Secretary of Education after Vice President Pence cast the tie-breaker vote in the Senate Tuesday.

So Kalb directed her fire towards the Betsy DeVos confirmation — and she is furious!

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And she encouraged others to tweet their condolences for the impending implosion of the public school system under the hashtag #ThanksPublicEd:

Democratic Senators stayed up all night to protest the confirmation but were unsuccessful at turning one more Republican vote to prevent Pence’s tie-breaker vote. This means DeVos will now overhaul the education department and implement her far-right agenda to turn people off the public education system and onto a profit-driven system under the guise of “free-market choice.”

By redirecting people towards charter and private schools the schools can then skim high-performing students leaving public schools with more special needs kids and less money. Charter and private schools are then able to impose religion on students, or even keep guns on campus to ward off bears.

Student anti-discrimination laws are now at stake. Teachers unions are in danger. Campus response to sexual assault is in danger. And she is also opposed to common core style of learning, which has ensured students who move schools will have smooth transitions.

Public education will likely not look the same when she is through with it, and this right wing religious nut who has complete ignorance for public education promises it will not be an improvement.

So go on Twitter and thank public education.

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