Trump’s Labor Pick Got Caught On Tape Trashing His Own Workers (VIDEO)

Out of all of the controversial picks in Trump’s “billionaire’s club” cabinet, one of the worst has to be his choice to lead the Labor Department, Andrew Puzder. The Labor post traditionally goes to someone with a union or labor law background, but Trump decided to hand it to a corporate CEO; the first time a current business leader has been put in charge of Labor since the Reagan administration.

Recently, two recordings have surfaced that reveal exactly what Puzder thinks of the people who work for his company, CKE Restaurants. CKE is the parent company of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. The recordings not only show the disdain Puzder holds for low wage workers, they also reveal that he has no clue about issues that affect American labor.

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In a 2011 speech to students at Westmont College, Puzder described the labor situation at Hardee’s when he took over as CEO.

Our turnover was about 300% a year. Which means everybody quit. There were some people that stayed that were lifers at Hardee’s. But most people were coming and working three months and then going somewhere else. It’s not like if you run a fast food company you’re hiring graduates of MIT or people that were gonna go work for Microsoft, you know.

In the employment pool, you’re hiring the best of the worst. You know, it’s kind of the bottom of the pool. And at Hardee’s it was so bad, we were hiring the worst of the worst and hoping they would stay.

He made similar comments later that year when he spoke at California State University.

Puzder has to know what he said  isn’t true. Fast food companies hire high school and college students who are entering the job market, and some of whom may aspire to be CEOs themselves someday. They hire people who have lost their better-paying jobs when their company relocated to another state or country. They hire retired senior citizens who are looking for something to keep them busy, or who need extra income.

It’s really very simple. If you want your workers to stay on longer, pay them better. Give them benefits, like sick leave, so they won’t come to work when they are ill and potentially spread their illness to their co-workers and customers.

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When speaking for wider public consumption Puzder has been more complimentary of his employees. But it’s what he said to those college audiences, which he probably assumed would never reach the light of day, that the Senate should take into consideration when deciding whether to confirm him as Labor Secretary. If he is confirmed, Andrew Puzder just might be the most anti-labor head of the Labor Department in history.

Here are Puzder’s remarks at California State University:

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