Trump’s Late-Morning Sunday Tweet Is An Islamophobic, Christian Pandering Nightmare

All I can say about this is…are you f*cking kidding me?

Donald Trump just essentially walked up to every Islamophobic douchebag in America, shook their hand and said, “I hate them too.”

Muslims and Christians alike are being slaughtered by ISIS by the thousands. There are new horror stories every day. Refugees flee the war-torn Middle East looking to keep their children safe. The Mango Mussolini decided over the weekend that if they come from predominantly Muslim countries — without business ties to his company — they are not welcome here. Now he’s crying that the Christians are being persecuted and must be saved.

What will that executive order look like? It won’t be long before a religious test is officially added to the immigration forms of the United States and the poem on the Statue of Liberty is changed to “Give us your Christians; everyone else go to hell.”

Federal judges are already handing down stays on Trump’s fascism, but with a Supreme Court Justice appointment eminent and the Senate Republicans talking about being willing to nuke the filibuster on it, it may not be long before those interpreting the constitution join him in blatantly re-writing it instead.

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