Trump’s Latest Announcement May Be The Most Obvious Line Of Bullsh*t Ever Tweeted

Donald Trump has gone to great lengths to make sure his cabinet and advisors will act in the best interests of billionaires across America and the world while simultaneously convincing more than 60 million people that he’s looking out for their best interest. In what is becoming more regular than White House press briefings, Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to drop a line of bullhonkey on the American public that will surely have the ignorant clapping and the informed rolling their eyes:

Yeah. This is fantastic. Now whenever we point out to one of his deplorables that a decision was made in the best interest of his wallet, they’ll respond with “he signed his businesses away.” We’ve heard that somewhere before, I believe, with a war profiteer named Cheney and a company called Halliburton.

What Trump is doing is simple: smoke always looks best in mirrors. He’ll have all of the legal documentation he needs for plausible deniability while his children, all named Trump, all working just below White House 2 in New York, continue with business as usual. If you truly believe Lord Cheeto will give up his orange dust-covered black emperor’s cloak I have a war to sell you in Iran.

Thanks, Trump, but no thanks. Watching you and your band of imbeciles deny that you do everything you do for your own best interests because your asshole children run Trump Evil Consolidated doesn’t appeal to those of us capable of independent thought. We’ll just sit here cashing in our retirement plans and buying gold while we await the inevitable crash the Trump bubble is already building up to.

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