Trump’s Monday Evening Twitter-Whine Sounds Alarm For The Wambulance

Donald Trump decided to send out an after dinner tweet on Monday evening, and the best way to describe it is to ask “Would you like some cheese with your whine?” It seems King Orange Marmalade I is very, very upset at the mean old Democrats because they actually want to ask questions of Trump’s cabinet nominees.

Of course, any time a Republican, or in Trump’s case a fascist in GOP clothing, complains he or she is being “obstructed,” the natural tendency is to fall down laughing until you wet your pants. But this time the motive was almost certainly more than a complaint about the time it is taking to get his cabinet picks through congressional hearings. The clue is “Now have an Obama A.G.”

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On Monday evening acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates announced the Justice Department would not “present arguments in defense of” Trump’s “It’s not really a Muslim ban — nudge nudge, wink wink.” Yates was second-in-command at Justice under President Obama.

Trump didn’t have to complain about Yates’ memo on Twitter. He does have the power to simply fire her. But if he had just told her to clean out her desk he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to rally his centipedes to his side. And for Trump, riling up his poorly educated fans is the most important thing, no matter what the topic.

His Orangeness got a little Facebook sympathy from the page Right Wing News, which asked the question “Should Trump fire [Yates] immediately?” And you know how that went. Here’s a small sample of the responses they got.

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Twitter, however, wasn’t nearly as kind.

And the snark was strong with some.

Seriously, all he had to do was call Yates and tell her not to come to work tomorrow. But he had to play the “poor, poor, pitiful me” act again. For a guy who is supposed to be a tough man of action, Trump sure seems to need his warm fuzzies.

UPDATE: Shortly after this article was published, Trump fired Sally Yates. Apparently he had gotten enough confirmation from his supporters to feel confident in doing so.

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