Trump’s Monday Morning Tweet Deserves Lots Of Ridicule…We’re Happy To Oblige

Trumpykins is at it again. He just can’t help but make himself look like a complete tool every time he takes to Twitter to talk about…well, anything, really, but “fake news” and polls in particular. He must have “Look like a stooge on Twitter” written into his Monday schedule. He never misses a good early-week dumbfest.

Here’s the revelation that will keep 62 million mouthbreathing morons mon their toes as they blindly follow an idiot into a blazing fire:

The polls! The polls! They’re all wrong and fake!! (Except for the parts that say nice things.) Sunday night’s tweets were just as silly. The polls are always wrong but look at what these polls say:

First of all, you nitwit, you lost the popular vote by a cool 3 million. That means you don’t get to use the word “still.” While you’re on the road to nonsense, you might as well go ahead and use the polls you call fake to boost yourself a little.

It’s just so ridiculous. He’s just so ridiculous. Can you imagine being the President of the United States; the leader of the free world and being such an absolute buffoon? Regardless of how he got there, he’s there. Almost 100 days later and he’s still talking about polls and popular votes and Hillary Clinton. He knows he’s a failure. He knows he’s despised. He knows beyond all else that without the worst America has to offer; the lowest hanging of all fruit on the tree of voters, he would still be that annoying anus-faced asshole on the Apprentice.

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