Trump’s Multiple Policy Disorder Exposed In Fantastic Compilation (VIDEO)

Trump’s history of flip-flopping on issues in between all his meaningless jargon is well established fact. The guy is like the Magic 8 Ball of Bullsh-t. His answers tend to be whatever pops into his head at the time, whatever sounds good for his audience, or whatever he read on the ingredients of the can of soda he was holding in his hand at the time — and it does not matter if he gave a different answer in the past. He just doesn’t care because his voters are too dumb to notice.

However, when you put some effort into it and compile a list of his flip-flops like MSNBC did in the video below, it’s really a sight to behold. Even for his dumber supporters, when you cut out all the shiny objects distracting them between statement A and statement B, things really are not going to be easy for Trump to explain away.

The topic was the history of Middle-Eastern policy positions of Donald Trump. The place was Morning Joe. The crew of Morning Joe is probably the most forgiving and softball interview-providing source of positive Trump spin outside of Fox News. With that in mind, seeing the way they slam dunk him in this short clip is pretty wild.

Even for Trump’s defenders and friends, you can’t deny how bad this is. His positions didn’t “evolve” over time. He’s busted, and it isn’t going to go well for him. The guy doesn’t have bad Middle-Eastern policy — he has NO Middle-Eastern policy. Zero. His only policy is to look at whatever anybody else is doing in politics, call them a loser, and declare it’s the wrong thing and a disaster.

What’s his solution? Who the hell knows? Make America Great Again is not a solution. That’s all he’s got. About half the country is going to vote for a guy that has no plan for America beyond a White House reality TV show.

Watch Trump disagree with Trump many, many times below:

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