Trumps Own Son Exposes Donald’s Plan To Outsource The Presidency

Trump, and now Trump’s family as of late, have done and said things that would have disqualified any previous Republican presidential candidate from an election. Despite that fact, they are still “in it to win it,” as they say.

Is there any truth about Trump that would really turn off his voters at this point? Would the fact that he would choose not to do his job, if he were to win, finally be the thing that would make them abandon Donald?

Call it a form of “executive outsourcing,” but that’s exactly what his own son Donald Trump Jr. confirmed with the John Kasich campaign. Kasich was Trump’s pick to be vice president before he went with Mike Pence of Indiana. When the John Kasich was contacted by Donald Jr. on behalf of his dad, he made Kasich an offer by asking him if he wanted to be “the most powerful vice president in history.”

Kasich’s camp asked just how exactly Donald would make this promise become a reality. The Trump camp’s response was that Donald would put his VP in charge of “domestic and foreign policy.”

A bit taken aback by this unprecedented statement, the Kasich camp asked what would Donald actually be in charge of? “Making America great again” was the actual answer given.

When you get right down to it, foreign and domestic policy cover everything a president would do. I mean let’s think about it. Everything within the country, and everything outside of the country would be outsourced to his vice president. What the hell does Donald actually plan to do? Catch Pokemons all day?

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Is something like this even Constitutionally sound? The chief executive has certain duties that he or she is required to perform. Frankly, I’m at a bit of a loss on this one.

This actually explains a lot about why Donald, who is really the ultimate outsider this election, went with such an establishment insiders like first Kasich and then Pence. He needs someone else to do his job for him because he has no plan to do it himself.

A rare tip of the hat to a Republican goes to John Kasich on this one. Despite all his other Republican B.S., he had the good sense to say no to Donald. At least there’s one mildly sane guy left on the other side.

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