Trump’s Pandering To Christians Proven To Be A Load Of Bullhonkey With One Very Revealing Image

Anyone who knows anything about Donald Trump knows that his actual “conservative values” encompass very little of the beliefs of the Republican base. He believes in tax cuts for him, deregulation for him, racism because he’s him, and anything else that may benefit him. Everything else has been added so he could run as a Republican to exact his revenge on President Obama for slamming him at back-to-back White House Correspondents’ Dinners.

The one thing Trump has had to add to his already incredibly unbelievable “family values” act is religion. Who didn’t chuckle when he declared his favorite book to be the Bible followed by The Art of the Deal? How surprised were we to hear that the church he said he belonged to said his membership had been canceled because it had been so long since he had shown his orange face? He looked like a fool dancing in an African-American church and in all the shots of him praying you can just tell he’s ready to re-enact the scene in The Omen in which little Damien loses it at the very sight of a church.

Donald Trump may believe in God, he may have some kind of faith, but he obviously lives anything but a “Christian values” lifestyle. How he has such widespread support among evangelicals is a mystery.

At the Al Smith dinner for charity on Thursday, Donald Trump showed beyond the shadow of a doubt that he has zero respect for religion and that he can’t be bothered for 30 seconds to pretend he does with a single, telling image:

Conservatives will say, “everyone prays in their own way.” That’s may be true, but it seems like in this room, at least as a show of respect for a Roman Catholic Cardinal, Trump could have focused on the prayer and not on his next tweet for just a moment.

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Could you imagine Trump meeting The Pope? Would he stare off into space as the world’s most recognized religious figure gave him a blessing? You betcha he would. He has no shame. Better yet, let’s leave it with this:

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