Trump’s Pick For FBI Director, Coming Soon To ABC. . .Errr The White House

We are all on the edges of our seats just waiting for Trump to announce who he will select as the director of the FBI. Will it be a showdown between Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani? Where does Sarah Palin fall into this mix? Will Nugent get a rose to the next round?

Word on the street is things didn’t go so well with Hitler, so he’s likely not to receive the rose. Poor Hitler, always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

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Plenty of people are guessing who Lord Cheeto’s pick will be for the next reality shit show coming soon to your boob tube.


Well, she can see Russia from her house. . .

Yeah, this will turn out great. Just great.

No matter who he picks, the fact remains it will be someone selected by Trump. That means they will be corrupt and incompetent.

Just how Trump likes ’em.

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