Trump’s Saturday Morning Twitterfit Could Win A Spoiled Toddler Tantrum Contest

Toddlers across the country have heard the battle cry of their tiny-handed leader and will be raising up, little fists in the air, to reclaim their “Terrible Twos” status. This civil unrest came moments after the President of the United States went to Twitter to air his grievances with the federal judge who has halted the muslim travel ban.

U.S. District Senior Judge James Robart issued a nationwide restraining order on the measure.

This displeased the Emperor Man-Child greatly. So, from his “Winter White House” in Florida, where he is vacationing from the exhausting work of ushering in the apocalypse, he rage-tweeted his woes:

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In all seriousness though, this is the very reason we have federal judges. This is exactly how our system is supposed to work. This guy let the president know.

Now that’s as American as apple pie.

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