Trump Left With No Choice But To Abandon His Favorite Campaign Strategy

Today is a sad, sad day for Donald Trump. Today, after all of those online debate polls were proven to be shams and the scientific polls not only gave Hillary the win but have started swinging the election back strongly in her favor, Trump was forced to dump his “look at the polls” tactic of proving how great he is, opting instead to tweet out the sentiments of a nobody to show how little polls mean to him…starting…now:

Certainly the whole country has been waiting on official word from “Trumplican2016,” since he clearly IS the pulse of the nation and can see through all of the bullhonkey of polls, since they no longer show Trump with a manageable path to 270 electoral votes.

Trump’s obsession with polls was a great strategy for him for a long time. He effectively knocked 15 GOP contenders off the stage by calling them names and then pointing at the polls to ensure them they would lose. People with an intelligence above that of a hamster saw right through his charade but were powerless as one by one the GOP regulars fell.
There’s no denying that Trump does well among ignorant, idiotic voters. Unfortunately for him, he only does well with them.

Now that the rest of America has had the chance to see the real Donald in a real debate and discovered he’s the same crass asshole he was in the GOP primaries, his ship is slowly sinking beneath the waves of stupidity that only he can be held responsible for.

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