Trump’s Sunday Afternoon Twitter Tantrum Is A Steaming Pile Of Delusions And Hypocrisy

Lord Cheeto just can’t seem to understand that every time he talks about Russia, elections, leaks and fake news on Twitter, he makes a complete fool of himself. This Sunday early afternoon, he decided to toss all of those things together in one glorious, steaming pile of Trumpces for all to ridicule:


No, stupid. Russia talk is a national security to everyone but you, since you’re the traitor who benefited from their involvement in our democratic process. Fake news is everything you and your propaganda machine put out, not the “media.” The “big election defeat” is a farce, as proven by your dwindling approval ratings and your newfound problem of not being able to assemble a crowd dumb enough to chant your versions of “heil Hitler.” And leaks? The “leaks” are coming from your own administration, dumbass, and they’re directed at illegal activities you and your cronies have been involved in from the get-go.

Watching this narcissistic pusswad fall all over himself trying to save face has officially gone from a national scandal to so common that it only warrant a 223-word post on liberal blogs. That’s pretty scary.


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