Trump’s Thursday Morning Begins With A Tweet That Proves The Voices In His Head Still Run The Show

He’s just…delusional. Lord Cheeto the Daft, commander of the deplorable army, stealer of elections and first of his name, ruler of the seven over-priced hotels and protector of the realm of bigotry and hate, is an absolute turd who can’t seem to understand that he deserves zero credit for anything. He started his day at just after 6 AM with yet another pat on the back, taking credit for things beyond his scope and bragging about how rich the one percent is getting from the very thought of the impending deregulation that will lead to the next Great Recession or worse:

Clearly the voices in his head still control the show, as if that were ever really in question. The stock market began to see huge gains under Obama, of course, reaching record levels. The night 77K rural boneheads handed him the White House, futures plummeted 500 points for fear of how world markets would respond. Then something magical happened. All those rich people figured out what was about to happen. Every single regulation put in place by Obama and the Democrats to safeguard the American working and middle classes from the reckless actions of millionaire stockbrokers working on behalf of billionaires like Trump were about to disappear.

The market began to climb. When the market climbs, consumer confidence goes up. The economy grows and job creation stays on track. No, Donald the Destroyer didn’t have much of anything to do with any of it other than the very thought of the corporate masters who would pull his strings and his own greed driving people who hold our futures in their hands to inflate the market.

How soon people forget 2008.

Trump will, nonetheless, continue to take credit for all of this wonderfulness, pretending he’s done something special in his time as Bannon’s marionette other than cost the taxpayer exorbitant amounts of money. If history is correct, which is usually the case, 2017 will follow in the footsteps of years like 1916, 1928 and 2002 when huge gains were made by wealthy Republican presidents working with wealthy Republican congresses.

Trump and his cronies will move the goalposts as close to their side of the field as possible without realizing that without the solid foundations they sit in, they tend to just fall over and crumble, taking out a lot of innocent people in the process.

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