Trump’s Tuesday Morning Twitter Attack On Chevy Is A Steaming Crock Of Sh*t

Donald Trump started his day on Tuesday by making a fool of himself on Twitter…as usual. He tweeted out an attack on Chevy that, as it turns out, is completely unwarranted and poorly researched. Actually, it was probably not researched at all.

Here’s what the Idiot-In-Chief had to say:

Well, let’s see…No, no they’re not. GM’s answer to this stupidity should just be, “OK, dumbass, we’ll pay for every single Cruz we send across the border.” That’s because every single Chevy Cruz sold in the United States and Canada is manufactured at the Lordstown, Ohio GM plant. The plant Chevy is expanding in Mexico will be assembling the model for international sale, taking it from its current factory…in South Korea.

30 seconds on The Google and a little bit of common sense would have shown Trump the same story from conservative Forbes that supplied me with this top-secret information.

Sorry, Lord Cheeto. You’re an idiot.

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