Trump’s Tuesday Twitter Attacks On Obamacare Show He’s Just As Ignorant As His Dumb*ss Followers

The rhetoric from the right about the Affordable Care Act is becoming more annoying by the day. Their constant droning on about premium increases without ever explaining why has painted a picture of some evil hospital full of doctors with “Obamacare” painted over its door in every state, waiting patiently to deny people access while overcharging them by thousands of dollars for the terrible health care that is the ACA.

None of it has anything to do with reality, but that doesn’t matter; lying and refusing to take responsibility for their own actions is what Republicans do. That’s why it really isn’t surprising that Donald Trump tweeted this nonsense:

What Trump, and all Republicans, fail to mention is the actual cause and effect behind skyrocketing premiums. They don’t mention that the system was designed with a Medicaid expansion that states hit hardest with increases  — like Arizona — refused to implement. They don’t mention that Republican lawmakers have worked with insurance companies to approve price increases where they weren’t necessary. the fail to mention that premium increases that make it look like a family of 4 is paying $1400 a month for healthcare don’t include the $900 in subsidies they receive. They certainly won’t tell you that that family, now paying $500 a month, will end up paying that $1400 price tag if they manage to repeal the law.

And of course there’s the 800-pound elephant in the room. The dumbest statement ever made. The thing that bothers people who can read and have a basic understanding of how things work. We are used to hearing it from imbeciles who come to liberal pages to post memes and now we get to hear it from the next President of the United States: Obamacare is terrible health care.

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Jesus. H. F*cking. Christ. Obamacare is NOT healthcare. It’s health care law. It is a set of guidelines that guarantee insurance companies don’t rob consumers blind as they have been for decades. It makes sure they have to cover preventive medicine for no additional cost. It requires them to cover pre-existing conditions. It caps the amount of money any health care can take from your pocket. It’s a living, breathing law with real-world applications.

Yes, it needs work. Anything that complex is sure to require some tweaking. But pointing out the failures of a law that are only failures because of partisan politics and then making it sound like we’re all going to die because of the terrible Obamacare healthcare plan is just plain misleading and wrong.

Unfortunately, no less than 62 million Americans have proven that they’re too dumb to read beyond the memes, demanding they be given a gun to shoot themselves in the foot. Watching them whine and cry when they still have $1400 premiums but no help paying for them will be the ultimate point and laugh moment.

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