Trump’s Twitter Turns Into A Nonstop Display Of Temper Tantrums Denouncing The GOP

Poor Donald. He just can’t understand why people won’t forgive and forget the fact that he admitted to being a sexual predator. His Twitter account, once a proud bastion of narcissism, has become nothing but a place for Trump to whine and cry, basically begging supporters to dry his tears.

Two days after the debate, quoting more of those online polls as proof that he “won,” Trump has turned his attention to the Republicans who are jumping ship on him, essentially becoming the equivalent of an angry toddler while unwittingly handing the United States Congress back to the Democrats in the process. Not that we should complain, but…damn, son…are you really this stupid?

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Here’s Trump’s morning on Twitter, You should prepare yourself by making sure you have no liquids in your mouth you could spit through your nose and nothing too heavy on the tummy lest you risk severe vomiting:

You didn’t win anything, dumbass. Granted, you scored points with the idiots who would have voted for you anyway. but all you really managed to do was stem the bleeding at about 37 percent support which, if that’s how the vote ends up, is the REAL definition of a landslide.

You mean…Paul Ryan, who despite how ignorant and repugnant you are, still hasn’t officially pulled his support for you? He released congressional Republicans from your grasp so they are free to distance themselves if they see fit. Some of them may decide they need to look their families, friends and congregations in the face. Or…maybe they just want to sleep at night.

Has it really come to this, Donald? Have you abandoned the party of idiots who brought you this far? You really need to lay off the drugs, buddy.

Yup. Looks like it has come to this. You do realize you’re now the equivalent of the stalker who shoots his prey in the face because “if I can’t have her, nobody can,” right? Not that we’re complaining, mind you. We’re very much enjoying your mission to self-destruct and take the party of hate with you.

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