Trump’s Up-All-Night, Incoherent Twitter Rant Fuels The Fire Of Drug Abuse Rumors (TWEETS)

Donald Trump is coming apart at the seams. With just over a month to go until election day, candidates should be focused, driven and most of all, well-rested. To a presidential candidate, well-rested may not mean what it means for the rest of us, with long days of campaigning, strategy meetings and planning.

Donald Trump, however, among allegations that he uses amphetamines and theories of cocaine use as well, flies around in a luxury jet, surrounded by the finest comforts China has to offer and solid gold bathroom fixtures. Rather than using those amenities, Trump is proving he’s a strung out addict by staying up all night and not being able to control his social media posting.

This is last night’s log of Twitter posts from trump. As you can see, his brain doesn’t appear to be working so well, hint hint, as he obsesses over the things he screwed up worst at the debate and the people he thinks are out to get him:

That was just after 10PM, when you would imagine a day of campaigning and meetings that starts bright and early would be coming to an end. Did Trump get some much-needed rest? Nope. Just 5 hours later he showed that he’s been obsessing instead, tweeting out this garbled mess:

The Republican propaganda machine runs like the National Enquirer. “a source,” “someone close to the campaign,” “a friend”…those are the sources you most often see in articles by Breitbart, Conservative Tribune and Freedom Daily. It’s true that sources should always be traced, but is this what wakes someone up in the middle of the night for a must-tweet moment or does it sound like the ramblings of a guy who’s been pacing around in circles wondering why he’s tumbling so hard?

That was just after 3 AM. The tweets haven’t stopped coming since then, as Trump has decided that the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, needed to be trashed some more over her past and Hillary Clinton called out for defending her:

That’s not what she did at all, Donald. Are you thinking clearly? Hillary pointed out that you degraded her for gaining weight. That you treated her like an object and had zero respect for her as a woman. Now you and your propagandists are doing it all over again by dragging up her past run-in with a Venezuelan judge and a “sex tape” that was actually a scene from a reality show that she said she doesn’t regret. Coming from a man and a party that so vehemently defended Mrs. Trump when pictures of her in naked lesbian poses surfaced, this is a pretty sleazy angle to take, don’t you think?

That was just after 5AM, showing Donald still hasn’t slept. But it’s not over yet:

No, she wasn’t. Again, Hillary pointed out that you’re a sexist douche, which you continue to prove by smearing a woman who has done nothing wrong in what appears to be an up-all-night, drugged out tirade.

About 10 minutes later:

Once again, you can reach out and touch the hypocrisy of Donald Trump, who is married to Melania Trump, calling this woman’s past “disgusting.” Luckily for both Ms. Machado and Mrs. Trump, most of the free world couldn’t give a crap less if they were filmed or photographed naked or appeared in explicit scenes on television. The 1950s are over, women are free to do what they like and they’re not running for president.

So from his final Tweet of the day until his first tweet of the next day, Trump could have only possibly slept for 5 hours, but given the obsessive nature of the content, it seems pretty obvious that he more likely stirred about it until he just couldn’t resist anymore, making yet another round of late-night poor decisions and fueling the flames of rumors that he has drug problems.

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