WATCH: This Video Perfectly Depicts What It’s Like Inside Trump’s White House Every Day

Boy, oh boy, Trump’s administration is a hot fecking mess. He’s been in office in a little over one hundred days and he just can’t seem to get a grip on things with his tiny little hands. Day after day after day we turn on the news and there is another scandal on television. Sadly, we find ourselves actually feeling bad ( a tiny bit bad, like maybe one cell in my heart hurts for them) for people like Press Secretary Sean Spicer who looks like he is just getting his ass kicked repeatedly because his boss sucks at life. Seriously, could you imagine waking up every morning with the realization that your boss is just going to shit all over your desk when you get to the office?

That got me thinking: What is it like inside the White House every day? Well, I think I finally have an answer. ENJOY!

Yep, it’s just one big fail fest with a bunch of morons breaking things.

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