Trump’s Worst Moment Of Debate Night Was When He Assaulted A Woman Afterwards

Donald Trump had a very bad night. He managed to beat everyone’s expectations of what a complete buffoon he could be and showed the world that he’s nothing but a loud-mouthed bully. Offering zero answers to anything other than to talk about how great he is and how amazing his company is, Trump spent 90 minutes using misdirection, which Hillary Clinton called “bait and switch” right to his face, to avoid discussing his policy positions, because he has none.

Perhaps the best moment was when Trump was called out for attacking Hillary’s looks, which he conveniently exchanged for “stamina,” only to be bested by the woman he clearly felt was inferior on gender alone. It truly was fun to watch Secretary Clinton’s demeanor as she took the giant Oompa Loompa apart piece by piece.

Trump, obviously rattled by the experience, had difficulty gaining his composure in the media spin room, where cameras, microphones and cell phones were plentiful to record reactions from the candidates post-debate. One such interaction was recorded by a student journalist, who just so happened to a young woman of color, that isn’t going to play well for Trump:

If you think I’m being too harsh or don’t see this as assault you would be wrong. You don’t get to grab people by the wrist and shove them away because you don’t like the question they asked, which is exactly what happened here:

He didn’t like the question. Better yet, he didn’t have an answer. His response was, therefore, exactly what you’d expect from a sexist douche with no respect for women: to simply overpower and disregard her.

This man is running for the highest office in the land and the most powerful in the world. Not only did he just prove he’s not qualified, he proved he’s unstable and dangerous.

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