Trump’s YUGE Crowd Showed Up In DC One Day Late — For The Women’s March (VIDEO)

When Donald Trump said the crowd in Washington was going to be YUGE, colossal, and record-breaking, he was talking about his inauguration. Well, our new Tangerine Tyrant’s prediction came true — one day late.

There was an early sign that the January 21 march would dwarf the inauguration when the Washington Post reported that 1,200 buses had applied for parking permits for the march, compared to only 200 for the inauguration.

On Inauguration Day this is what the National Mall looked like just past noon:

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Here’s what it looked like on Saturday morning as the Women’s March got revved up:

An hour later it looked like this:

The Washington Post said that the Women’s March saw the parking lots at Metro stations fill up, and roads into D.C. were jammed. On a typical weekend, the Federal District in Washington is a ghost town, populated mainly by tourists. But not this weekend.

The message is clear: this country rejects Trump and everything he is bringing with him. He has no mandate to govern. But don’t expect him, or his allies in Congress, to listen to any of this. Which is why it must continue. It must be loud, it must be constant. And in 2018 we must take the Congress away from the GOP to put a stop to the president who would be king.

Here’s a short video of what the crowd looked like as they streamed onto the Mall at about 11:30 a.m. EST:

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