Trumpster Sheep Scott Baio And His Wife Prove You Can’t Buy Class (TWEETS)

Chachi and his wife, Whatsherface, are showing their fellow sheep how easy it is to be deplorable pieces of sh*t in Trump’s America. While the rest of the (civilized) country finds itself appalled at the actions of the Chicago Police Department and the business practices of United Airlines, Joanie and Chachi are having a grand old time showing that in the new era of non-political-correctness, being a scumbag is but a tweet or two away:

Ba har har har…douchebags.

You may be asking yourself why I would waste my time with balls of human turd like the Baios. It’s simple, really. I don’t like them. They had their chance to be decent people and failed. Chachi flies around on rented jets pretending he’s unimaginably rich when the truth is, he has about a half-million dollars less in net worth than the girl he used to babysit on Charles in Charge, and she hasn’t worked in ages.

Baio loves to brag that he has saved every penny and made nearly perfect investment decisions his whole life, yet he’s worth about the same as a retiree who spent 35 years at General Motors. Why does that matter? It doesn’t; I just like to add little things that must really piss him off when he sees a new article about what an imbecile he is. I’ll be sure to tweet this one at Joanie and her collagen lips as well. It’s amazing that someone who survived a brain tumor can be such a lowlife.

These people personify what’s wrong with America. There’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humor or chuckling at something stupid. We’re human. But when you have a following of  185K people, you’re a public figure and what you post matters. You help shape the conversation. This conversation shows two dullards who are too stupid to realize that what happened in Chicago is a problem, not a joke — and that yes, it definitely is too soon.

*This story was updated. The UAL passenger was dragged off the plane by the Chicago Police Department, not the Transit Authority.

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