Trumpsters On The TJ Maxx FB Page Offer The Public Free Lessons On How To Be A Complete Stooge

Last week, the parent company for T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods sent a memo to their employees asking them to change how Ivanka Trump’s products were placed in the stores. According to the New York Times, the note said:

Effective immediately, please remove all Ivanka Trump merchandise from features and mix into [the racks where most products hang]. All Ivanka Trump signs should be discarded.

Company Spokesperson Doreen Thompson said the merchandise wouldn’t be removed from the sales floor, but simply mixed in with all the other merchandise in the store – rather than being featured and sold under separate displays.

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Oh noes! Ivanka merchandise will be forced to mingle with the likes of discontinued Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger products. The travesty!

Well, this has really upset the Trumpflakes who have taken their rage straight to the T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods Facebook pages. Most didn’t quite get the full gist of the memo (on both sides, honestly), so most people have taken this news to mean the company has dropped the products completely.

That’s not the case but facts, schmacts.

LOL LOL@jerks

Yeah! But damn it, I’ll vote and throw my support behind a man who has zero respect for women and will talk about grabbing them by the p*ssy. Oh, and equal pay is just a libtard talking point. Women don’t need to receive the same pay for the same work, of course. But, co-mingling Ivanka merchandise with all the other merchandise in the store. . . OUTRAGE!

Umm, Ivanka Trump is a champion for women, children and equal rights? Seriously? The same woman who has her own products made overseas? Ahh yes, I’m sure she employs plenty of women at those low outsourced wages.

Someone throw a dictionary at this woman.

Clearly she is unfamiliar with how unsuccessful Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign was.

OMG! Douglas DESTROYED his credit card. I can’t help but wonder, was it a a straight cut scissoring? Did he use his gun to shoot it? (You know he has a gun). Was it destroyed by fire?

Pics or it didn’t happen, man.

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Yet, she has NO problem shopping at Hobby Lobby, who most certainly placed politics in their retail operations. Hmmmm. . .

The Marshalls commenters aren’t much better.

This lady says the stores have crossed the line entering politics. . . oh, and most protesters don’t have jobs (wtf?).

Hobby Lobby is totally cool, though.

Whew, and they have the nerve to call us snowflakes? These Trumpflakes are sooo touchy.

HomeGoods is also receiving their fair share of Trumphole posts.

Domestic terrorists? Protesters are now all domestic terrorists? Hi, Rita. . . please meet reality. . .soon. For your sake, and ours.

Leftist traitors! OMG, Ivanka’s merchandise will be mixed in with other stuff in the store and somehow that is an act of treason?

Umm, anyone remember Holly Hobby Lobby? What about Chick-fil-A day?

Look, obviously we all have the freedom to choose where we spend our hard-earned money. I, for one, refuse to shop at Wal-mart, Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. I just simply won’t do it.

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Now, I’m not saying that those businesses shouldn’t make their political alignments public, unlike these imbeciles who are whining on these Facebook pages. Hell, I’m thrilled when I know where a company stands in our political system. Then I have the freedom to make an informed decision on if they get my cash or not.

This is just more whining from the Trumpfluffers dusted with a think layer of right-wing hypocrisy.

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