Tuesday Morning Twitter: Trump Still A Classless Douche After Electoral College Win

Yes, Lord Cheeto, we understand. You managed to pull off the impossible. Hillary Clinton should have campaigned more in the midwest. You win. This is where you gracefully complete the transition from functioning government to whatever the hell it is you and that farce of a cabinet will become.

Did you hear that, Donald? Gracefully. There’s no need to continue…being you. At this point you’re really just embarrassing yourself. Get a grip. In case you’re unaware of what the rant is about, Trump, once again decided he needed to bash the Clintons and rub salt in their wounds with a Tuesday morning Twitter bashing that is the new norm for this classless douchebag:

What’s great about watching the giant orange traffic cone do his victory lap is that he himself predicted he would lose right up until he didn’t. Wisconsin and Michigan were a shock to him and his team. Now, after what was anything but a populist movement to elect an anti-establishment dickweed, Trump will continue to alienate the more than 64 million people who voted against him and forget that his “landslide win” came with a popular vote loss and Democrats making gains in both chambers of congress.

Yes, Donald. You won. Now, move along, get to the business of destroying all the progress we’ve made since we ousted the last moron from the Oval Office so we can get down to the business of making you a one-term president and the reason congress turned blue.

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