The Conservative Reaction To Talk Of Impeachment Is Laugh Out Loud Hilarious

Remember “Operation American Spring?” Tens of ‘Murican Potatriots¬†showed up with confederate flags and six buckets full of stupid in Washington DC only to be laughed at by the rest of the world. The movement to march on Washington and demand the removal of the tyrant Obama turned out to be a couple dozen idiots and a megaphone wrapped in Gadsden yellow and ready to rise up.

As it turned out, the Tea Party “movement” and all of the talk about civil war and the people overthrowing the government was little more than a pack of fired-up Hoverounders shaking their fists at society for walking on their lawn. The internet is crawling with them. We’re not talking the average daily Trump turd who thinks about it now and then and may have been persuaded to vote Democrat had the Rock actually won; we’re talking about the hardened.

The control group is approximately 120K strong now, selected for their Facebook likes of three things: “Very Conservative Politics,” “I Support Donald Trump” and “I like Sean Hannity.” The average age is approximately 67. The average IQ is closer to 60. It is, by all accounts, absolutely ridiculous and the best troll possible to expose just what kind of people we’re actually dealing with when we talk about those 62 million Americans who cast their vote for an idiot.

Of those 62 million, a whole bunch already regret it. They are the moderates or the working class people who got stiffed by promises of jobs coming back to Michigan and Wisconsin that were lost to automation and union-free South Carolina 20 years ago. We’re going to save your coal mining town even though your town is dead because your mine is stripped clean. There are no more coal jobs if you dig for coal and the coal is gone. You were lied to.

Anyway, back on topic. These are the dregs of society. They were voting for nobody but Trump. So, that being said and knowing the subject, I fed them this:

Isn’t that precious? Impeach my Orange Hero? No sir! Not on my watch!!! (Read it again as Grampa from the Simpsons and shake your fist.)

The Trumpsters are every bit as delusional about what a blessing Donald Trump is as they were about how evil the Obama family was. You can’t convince these people of anything because of how “informed” they are and yet they will still tell you that Obama is a gay Muslim from Kenya who is married to a transsexual named Michael with two kids they had engineered so Michael’s mom could earn $160K per year on a government salary for babysitting.

Yes, they are that stupid. So how did they react to the fact that collusion with a foreign government to subvert the electoral process and steal the White House is an impeachable offense? Well…they reacted exactly as they were told. This time, it’s gonna be war. Big war. Blood in the streets of ‘Murica. A rifle behind every blade of grass. Just listen to these frightening testimonials from some badass potatriots:

Have a look at the profiles of these yippee skippy potatriots. Leona there has to be a hundred and six. There are thousands of comments on that post, at least half of which are people like her offering up her children and grandchildren to go fight a civil war in the name of Donald F*cking Trump. It’s madness. The greatest joke ever perpetrated against a modern people. The good news is, this whole endeavor is a liberal troll operation, so there are plenty of sane, like-minded people in the thread to join with for turd bashing.

These people are the new enemy. They are the problem with America. Luckily, if we wait a few years, most of them will be dead. They didn’t just materialize, either. They were made using a couple of centuries of hate and bigotry and an ignorance that is something special. In a country wealthy enough to feed and clothe the rest of the world, all they care about are themselves…and Donald Trump.

Absolutely mind-boggling.

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