Twitter Is THRILLED That Roger Ailes Is Dead (TWEETS)

Guess what everyone?! Serial pussgrabber and former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is dead! Like Justice Scalia dead. He’s now floating around in heaven…just kidding…he’s definitely in Hell grabbing Phyllis Schlafly’s gross conservative vagina. In case you couldn’t tell, I am extremely happy that one more horrible fucking person has been removed from our plant and no, I don’t give a f*ck if that’s mean. But apparently I’m not the only the only person who feel this way because Twitter is just full of happiness:

Look at all of the happy Twitter folk:

Yes, those are the people we should be thinking about today.

To be fair, he ran out of power a year ago when the women he hurt said “fuck you.”

Yes, Ailes racist ads were instrumental in getting Bush Sr. elected.

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HAHA! Dead.


No doubt. Without Ailes we would probably not have Trump. Fox News has dumbed down America to the point that a bunch of racists elected a reality tv star.

That’s Ailes’ legacy.

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