Twitter Erupts After White House Spokeswoman Invents ‘Southern’ Saying To Explain Trump’s Cowardice (VIDEO)

On Saturday, poor little thin-skinned Donald Trump announced that he would not be attending the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. On Sunday morning, George Stephanopoulos asked Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (daughter of not-too-bright former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee) why. Here was her answer.

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There are numerous problems with that statement. First, while the White House Correspondents’ Dinner would involve spending time with “reporters and celebrities,” it is also a charity event. Second, there’s the fact that a Girl Scout who got caught egging someone’s house would probably not still be a member of that organization when cookie time came around. But most interestingly, Huckabee’s claim that “If a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her” is some sort of clever southern saying seems to have been invented in the dusty recesses of her mind. Because, according to the Twitter reaction, other southerners have never heard it before.

National Journal editor Ben Pershing tweeted Huckabee’s remark with the comment “I would buy Girl Scout cookies from Satan.” But in replies to his tweet other users mainly wanted to talk about Huckabee’s invention of a “southern” saying.

This guy won the thread, however:

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The Hill also tweeted the comment. Their followers were more interested in mocking the analogy than discussing where it came from.

I live on the edge of the south, and I have never run across that saying. But southern Delaware is a long way from Huckabee’s native Arkansas, so I consulted The Google for answers. Huckabee’s “southern saying” was nowhere to be found in my search results. What she probably should have said was something like, “My dumbass father says this all of the time and it sort of fits this situation, so I’ll just throw it out there and at the same time make me and other southern Trump supporters look like clever little wordsmiths.”


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