Twitter Goes Nuts After Sean Spicer Says Hitler Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons

In a question about what makes the Trump administration so sure Russia will come around and denounce their alliance with Syria over the country’s use of chemical weapons, Sean Spicer made a really bad comment that is sure to haunt him forever. Spicer’s answer:

You look, we didn’t use chemical weapons in World War II. You know, you had a, someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.

Yes, Hitler showed such tremendous restraint…OMG I’M SCREAMING.

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When asked to clarify that comment, Spicer rammed his foot further down his throat and sputtered out a word salad that appeared to suggest that he meant Hitler didn’t gas innocent people like Assad is doing, you know, just 6 million Jews that had it coming or something in “Holocaust centers.”

You know, Holocaust centers, where Jews signed up to voluntarily Holocaust.

The epic f*ck up did not go unnoticed:

What makes this whole episode worse is that this administration has repeatedly dropped the ball when it comes to denouncing antisemitism. During Holocaust Remembrance in January, the Trump Administration didn’t even include Jews in a statement about the horrors inflicted upon them. When asked why Jewish people were not mentioned specifically seeing as their discrimination was the whole reason WWII happened, Spicer said it was because lots of people died in the Holocaust.

And when Jewish Community Centers around the country were threatened by anonymous callers, rather than denounce the threats, Donald Trump blamed it on Democrats trying to make him look bad.

This administration clearly needs to get a clue when it comes to history and Jewish relations.

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