Twitter Is Furious To Learn Major News Organizations Were Barred By Sean Spicer From Press Event

Today, after our ferret-headed orange toddler president gave a fiery speech at CPAC railing against “fake news” several news organizations were barred from entering a White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer.

Those organizations are CNN, New York Times, LA Times and Politico. AP and Time are staying out of the briefing in solidarity. It is believed that after the FBI leaked details that the White House tried to persuade them to publicly dispute details about the Trump-Russian connection being reported by the media.

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The timing is incredibly ironic, given our mouth farting pile of human garbage president in a thirsty wig just stood on stage and declared himself to be the First Amendment’s biggest fan ever in the history of the world.

Journalists and citizens alike are downright furious:

It’s a classic game of divide and conquer so it’s imperative all press stands in solidarity when others are unfairly maligned or excluded.

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