Twitter Just Has One Question After Spicer Press Briefing: WTF Is In His Teeth!?

Monday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a serious press briefing with reporters over mounting evidence the Trump camp colluded with the Russians, the failed rollout of Trumpcare and allegations Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Ca.) is tainting the investigation into Trump’s ties to Moscow. But we couldn’t concentrate on anything Spicer was lying about because he had a mouthful of sh*t stuck in his teeth. But hey, at least the flag pin on his lapel wasn’t upside down this time!

If Melissa McCarthy doesn’t mock this moment on “Saturday Night Live!” I don’t know if I can continue to watch the show. SNL dropped the ball when Ted Cruz got a booger or throat cheese stuck on his lip during a primary debate and they have a duty to this country to redeem themselves and parody this into the ground.

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The comments about Spicer’s spinach (or whatever the f*ck it was) teeth were absolute gold. Twitter was giddy over another hilarious Spicer briefing.

Check it out:

Hey, after all the grief Spicer and Trump give the press, I don’t blame the reporters for not letting him know.

She better.

The press briefings are the hottest new reality show around. Every day more and more people stop what they are doing to watch what Spicer will do next. Will he freak out on reporters? Come out with a food stain on his tie? Wear his flag pin upside down? Lie only to be proven wrong less than 24 hours later? These briefings are too good to pass up!

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