Twitter Lays Into Trump Over 2012 Tweet About Obama Poll Numbers And Syria

During the Obama administration, Donald Trump thought that attacking Syria was a no good, very bad idea.

And he tweeted that he expected a desperate President Obama to attack Syria in order to improve his allegedly “tailspinning” poll numbers.

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Just to be clear, according to GallupObama’s approval stood at 50 percent on the day Trump sent that tweet. And, far from being “in tailspin,” Obama’s approval was about where it had been for most of 2012 to that point. It had dipped slightly from 52 percent in the previous week’s Gallup survey, but was out of the mid to upper 40s, where it had languished for most of 2012.

As we learned during the campaign, Trump always accuses others of doing things that he does himself. So when you look at Trump’s approval rating, you have to wonder if that applies in this case as well. Gallup has his approval at 41 percent as of April 5. That’s actually a fair improvement over the low point of 35 percent on March 28, but it was a slight dip from the day before, and is far below the approval level of his predecessors at about the same point in their terms.

Twitter users revived Trump’s October 2012 tweet after the Syria attack and offered some new thoughts.

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There’s so much to unpack here. Yes, a president typically gets a bump in the polls following a successful military action — Trump was right about that in 2012. And he was probably thinking that a day after his comments about the Syrian gas attack most Americans would approve of his action and he would get that bump, and possibly a kickstart to the rest of his legislative agenda, following the disaster that was Obamacare repeal.

Cynics and conspiracy theorists might be tempted to suspect that Trump could now use this attack to deflect accusations that he and his campaign were colluding with the Russians. “If I was working with the Russians, I certainly wouldn’t have attacked Putin’s best friend, Assad, OK?”

We do know that Trump warned Putin that the attack was coming. That was actually a prudent thing to do — it wouldn’t be a good idea to kill Russians, especially without warning. But in the context of the investigations currently taking place in Congress, you can’t help but wonder…

As Trump’s favorite publication used to say, “Inquiring minds want to know.”

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