Twitter Mercilessly Mocks Sean Hannity After He Asks Them A Really Stupid Question

Poor Sean Hannity. Like so many others of limited intellect who live totally inside the right-wing bubble, he believes that liberal activism is funded and organized by billionaire sugar daddies, just like conservative activism is. But on Monday evening he found out something different.

Hannity teased an upcoming segment of his Fox News show with this tweet.

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Of course the answer Sean was looking for was “George Soros,” the great boogeyman of the American right. But that wasn’t the answer he got on Twitter. Hannity opened the door, and the internet walked in, wearing its mocking shoes.

A few respondents apparently weren’t aware that their expenses were being covered, and asked Hannity where they should send their invoices.

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At least one complained that she didn’t know she could get paid for protesting.

“Doug” even revealed the check he had received.

One person reminded another tweeter that conservatives would take his comment as “proof” he had gotten paid.

And another asked this valid question:

One reason Hannity and others like him believe protesters are getting paid is because they think the people who are protesting don’t have jobs, therefore they need the money. That was the opinion of retired professional baseball player Aubrey Huff, who tweeted on the subject on Sunday. Huff, who played a game where he mainly worked from March through September, should certainly understand that people who work do have days off. And for a lot of people, those days off are on weekends — exactly when many recent protests have been held.

Hannity didn’t question who was paying protesters when the Tea Party turned them out to protest President Obama. Or when that same organization hired actors to demonstrate against a Florida land conservation deal. Now he’s certain the evil George Soros is paying liberals to protest the policies of his great new king. ButΒ he probably won’t ask Twitter to verify that for him again. Or maybe he will, because Sean Hannity is just that dumb.

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