Twitter Mercilessly Rips Trumpflakes Who Believe This Amazon TV Show Promo Is A Real Thing

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you are probably familiar with the series The Man In the High Castle. That show, about to enter its third season, tells the story of a world where the Axis powers won World War II and the United States is controlled by Nazi Germany and Japan. Last week Amazon introduced a fake radio station, “Resistance Radio,” as part of the ad campaign for the upcoming third season of the show. It wasn’t like a big surprise — promos for it have been all over the show’s Twitter page since at least March 7. But when the low information brigade caught wind of the #ResistanceRadio hashtag the poor little Trump deplorables got all kinds of upset.

PoliticalGamingHack, whose profile describes him as “triggering #TheResistance,” seemed to get a little triggered himself by the news.

He promptly got mocked.

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This guy largely tweets about basketball. He picked the wrong time to make a political observation.

Judging from the responses his tweet got, he might think about sticking with what he knows in the future.

Ol’ Vince is so dumb that when someone asked if he was going to delete his tweet, he didn’t even understand why.

But this may have been the best thread. Christine, whose Twitter feed reveals her to be a proud Trump-loving racist, picked up on PolticalGamingHack’s tweet about #ResistanceRadio and posted this nasty tweet of her own.

Like the others, she promptly got called out. But instead of ignoring or playing dumb, she decided to argue with a couple of her detractors. Not real bright for someone who claims to have a master’s degree.

But she did find one friend, whose caps lock key is apparently stuck.

These are the people who elected and support Trump. They have the world’s largest set of encyclopedias, aka the internet, at their fingertips. But hey, if you’re poorly educated, I guess you wouldn’t know how to look things up in your Funk and Wagnalls. SAD!

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