Twitter Mercilessly Mocks Trump For Whining About How Mean President Obama Is Being To Him

Donald Trump got himself elected president on November 8, and like all good dictators in the making, he seemed to want to take charge of the government right away. But he missed the fact that Barack Obama is still president until about noon on January 20.

In the weeks since the election Trump has involved himself in things that are still under the control of the current president, tweeting about issues like the cost of the new aircraft for Air Force One. Most recently Trump decided to meddle in U.S. foreign policy, taking sides with the Israeli prime minister on the issue of settlements. On several occasions, thanks to those incidents, President Obama has had to remind the president-elect that he — Barack Obama — is still in charge.

Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to cry about how mean President Obama is being to him.

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Awwww, the guy who attacked President Obama for months over his birth certificate has had his wittle feelings hurt. And all because he thinks the election made him president right away.

Writer Parker Malloy, who trolls The Donald with the best of them, reminded his orange highness about his own history of “inflammatory” statements directed at Obama.

And Erick Fernandez provided Trump with several reminders of his attacks on President Obama.

Some responses to Trump’s tweet didn’t mention his whining about the transition. Instead, they focused on his use of a term that is definitely passé.

And there was this.

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Trump’s use of Twitter seems to be a source of embarrassment to everybody except him. And we can expect a lot more of it to come. Incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday that Trump’s tweets will be a “really exciting part” of his term in office. I can hardly wait.

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