Twitter Tells Trump Administration To Eff The Eff Off After They Were Asked To Reveal User’s Identity

Oh, I’m sorry, did you expect the First Amendment to stay intact during the Trump Administration? If you did, you were oh, so wrong.

In Trump’s effort to #MAGA, he thinks this country would be a whole lot better if people on Twitter would STOP CRITICIZING HIM and let him ruin the godforsaken country without a peep thankyouverymuch.

The Department of Homeland Security and UCIS ordered Twitter to unmask a user at ALT Immigration, a possible rogue United States Citizenship and Immigration Services worker that went live shortly after Trump’s inauguration along with many other rogue accounts. The account is critical of the Trump administration, specifically for their views on refugees and immigrants.

The Trump Administration issued an administrative summons in early March to compel Twitter to unmask the anonymous user’s identity. On its face, the summons doesn’t cite any reason for the order.

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USA Today reporter Brad Heath posted copies of the subpoena orders handed to Twitter:

So the Trump administration wants the person running this account to show up in court because they’re mean for telling the world how shittastic and racist Trump and his goons are.

Twitter told the administration no f*cking way and filed a lawsuit. The ACLU is also standing by Twitter.

The account in question simply tweeted:

The federal agencies involved tried to keep the summons a secret.


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