Twitter Users Are Trolling Trump With ‘Thanks Donald’ After His Orangeness Thanked Himself

Last night, Donald Trump bizarrely thanked himself for the December surge in the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index.

The self-congratulatory tweet ended with “Thanks Donald,” as if he somehow had anything to do with people spending money this holiday season. Because, if there is anything Sir Stubby Fingers is good at, it’s taking credit for shit he had nothing to do with, at all, ever.

Naturally, people on Twitter couldn’t resist poking fun at the narcissistic buffoon by also thanking him for other things he had zero influence over, like not stepping in dog crap this morning, or their own daily constitutional.

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This guy thanked him for his lower cholesterol.

And, duh, of course the election of Donald Trump kept this dude’s car from breaking down.

Based upon the RNC’s Christmas message, this one seems legit.

Or this. . .

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However, this guy wins the internet because obviously Donald Trump is personally responsible for the well-being of our beloved Betty White.

I’m sure the small fingered crusader is super proud of all of these accomplishments. And, he hasn’t even taken office yet! Wow!

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