Twitter Users Eviscerate Conservative ‘March For Life’ Rally

Today was the so-called “March for Life;” that special time of the year where conservatives march to remind everyone that they’re hypocrites who could care less about “life” and are only interested in punishing women.

I mean, okay, so they do that all year round. But this march is special because they said so, and if I’ve learned anything about conservatives, it’s what they say that counts. Unless you’re using that against them, in which case it absolutely doesn’t and don’t even think it does.

A big name who appeared at this year’s “March for Life” was Mike Pence, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since Pence threw a woman in jail for having a miscarriage and instituted policies that caused a spike in the HIV rates in his state during his tenure as governor, both of which are very pro-life positions.

Naturally, this “March for Life” became a topic of discussion on Twitter — with a lot of criticism:

This last note about the refugees is especially powerful, since the Bible has lot to say about respecting and welcoming refugees, not least of all because the Hebrews themselves were refugees from Egypt. Unfortunately, that’d require right-wingers to read the Bible period, and . . . well, let’s be kind and say they’re not as well-versed as they think they are.

As the poorly named “March for Life,” among other positions and actions, aptly demonstrate.

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