Twitter’s Hilarious Responses To Rick Perry’s DoE Hearing Will Have To Rolling On The Floor

One of the most distinguishing elements of Trump’s early administration has been his tendency to pick the person who is the worst possible fit for the job he’s giving to them.

This goes beyond kleptocracy; Mobutu was a kleptocrat and I’m pretty sure he knew more about appointing competent people than Trump does. The sheer Dyson-sphere scale incompetence of the people Trump’s appointing should have been obvious to anyone who isn’t wrapped in the conservative echo chamber before, but in the wake of the congressional hearings this week, it should be blindingly obvious now.

It started with Betsy “DePious”, Trump’s appointee to dismantle our public education system and turn education into an Amway-style scam (something she knows all about, since Amway was a product of her family, the DeVos’). Today, it was former Texas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry’s turn in the hot seat.

And it… well, it didn’t end on a high note for Perry. But Twitter had a field day with him:

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Rick Perry is an idiot, not fit to run the midnight shift at a 7-11 leave off the Department of Energy. And not even his smart glasses can save him from looking like a tool. In fact, they add to the appearance.

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